DRA Consulting started in 1996 as a Human Resources and Soft Skills Training entity. The organisation built a solid reputation for delivering effective Training Interventions in Team Building, Business Etiquette and Customer Service. 

Over time, DRA Consulting noticed a gap in the workplace for robust, sustainable customer service that would go beyond “frontline change”. DRA Consulting shifted its focus to Customer Care Transformation and began to build its reputation for assisting organizations to re-engineer their service delivery systems and raise the bar on the quality of service being delivered. 

On the eve of our 20th year in business, we are renewed and re-committed to our vision to transform the Customer Service landscape in Trinidad and Tobago.



In 2016 and beyond, DRA Consulting intends to advance its mission of ushering in a new era of “Customer Care” to Trinidad and Tobago. We will contiue to partner with those forward thinking organisations that intend to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to make customer care a part of their competitiveness strategy. 

We will also be hosting workshops focused on different soft skill areas. The programs for our Workshops have been informed by our experience in the field. Through our training projects with companies, we have noticed recurring problem areas related to a lack of a variety of soft skills. As such our workshops are tailored to enhance participants’ skill sets in specific areas, so that they can improve their individual efficacy and add value at their workplace.

In the coming months, look out for:

The Successful Professional ; a three day workshop for Managers, Supervisors and Career Driven Professionals to deepen their modern day management skills, and An Introduction to Customer Care ; a program that walks participants through the fundamentals of Customer Service.



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